All you need to know about Art in Need as a platform

Art in Need integrates Art and technology in migrating to non-traditional practices, both artists and the technology industry can take advantage of these new possibilities in the Philippines.

The fact that technology started to rise during that era made the emergence of new mediums much easier. Here are what you can do with us:

Platform | Media partner for your event or PR, online or physical.

Borrow our minds | Strategize and consult with us for your business and personal needs.

Collaboration | Shared creative space integrated with your vision.

To understand a creatives work we need to understand the creative souls behind it.

Technology has provided artists with a lot of new ways. As it becomes available, artists learned to use them, and traditional means of expression were transformed or entirely new means of expression were developed.

There are a lot of new forms of art now. Art is timeless and doesn’t dissolve with the newest tools/trends. The same phenomenon of transcendence occurs in art, which can properly be considered another sort of human technology.

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