Hey there! In everything we do, we believe in collaboration and inclusivity. Art in Need is a platform that offers a new approach to collaborative networks for local and amateur artists. Work with us through Collaboration, Borrow our minds, Platform, and Creatives.

Our NorthStar is the creatives industry boosting our economy. Our mission is to create a lot of opportunities for the Filipino Creatives.

Art in Need aims to accelerate the local creatives industry of the Philippines. We’re a platform that helps the local industry adapt to technology by utilizing resources available.

Art in Need is here to introuce new things and learn with you as we adapt together towards a better world. We’re a building a community made out of collaboration and inclusivity. Let’s create something significant for our industry!

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The very large canvas portrays more than just the combination of oils, textures, and colors; it is the amalgamation of Juan Luna’s disposition behind different levels of meaning of his country’s current situation. From the perspective of the Filipino intellectuals in Madrid, they saw a country longing for recognition for…

The Studio by Ateneo Management Association was a loaded and very organized event! The Studio’s purpose is to show students that art and business can coexist with each other.

Poster by AMA

Just like any events, the studio was a held virtually last April 21–24, 2021. Mentorship and workshop sessions happened. …

Art in Need

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